Organization Diaries Part 1: A Cohesive Workspace


Let’s face it, we all deal with procrastination no matter how many new school year resolutions we make, or steps we take to prevent it from happening. I have found that one way to boost productivity is to create a cohesive workspace that makes you want to stay and work!

Your desk/office is a space that should make you feel happy and relaxed. It should be free from distractions and have comfortable lighting so that you can clearly see your work without having to stress out your eyes.  I know that from experience, small spaces like mine can become cluttered rather quickly, so it is important to keep your space clean so that you can focus and feel less cramped. I recommend purchasing decorative containers from places like Target and Ikea to brighten up your space and declutter.

Having a great workspace shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune. I personally like to get ideas from places like Pintrest and Pottery Barn and then try to recreate a look that better fits my personality and is functional. It’s really amazing what a few simple pieces can do to your workplace, and before you know it you’ll be productive in no time!


  • Paint your room a soft color! Mine is a modern shade of powder blue that makes me feel relaxed whenever I walk in.
  • Utilize buckets, bins, and mini shopping bogs to dress up a space.
  • Search for small decorative pieces from places like Target, Marshalls, Ikea, Anthropologie, and West Elm. Beware of over cluttering the space!
  • Put up photos or a calendar to dress up a bare wall.
  • Always keep a small notepad nearby to jot down quick messages or make a handy to-do list.

How do you create a cohesive space?



Welcome To The Sarcastic Pre-Med

Me(Left) & NYC BFF (Right)

Me(Left) & NYC BFF (Right)

Before my best friend left to New York, she gave me a journal to write out my thoughts. I oftentimes thought of starting a blog, but never quite had the courage to put my dreams into action until one late night writing in my journal when I got the idea to create The Sarcastic Pre-Med. This blog will document my journey through college and include personal stories, tips, and reviews for other quirky pre-meds. Enjoy!