Welcome To The Sarcastic Pre-Med

Me(Left) & NYC BFF (Right)

Me(Left) & NYC BFF (Right)

Before my best friend left to New York, she gave me a journal to write out my thoughts. I oftentimes thought of starting a blog, but never quite had the courage to put my dreams into action until one late night writing in my journal when I got the idea to create The Sarcastic Pre-Med. This blog will document my journey through college and include personal stories, tips, and reviews for other quirky pre-meds. Enjoy!



One thought on “Welcome To The Sarcastic Pre-Med

  1. Hi yasmeen, I just happened to pass by your blog today and just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is. Scrolling down and looking at the pieces you have created to all define you feels like I already know you already …… I wish you the best of luck in college and I know how hard it must be to take a big step like this to achieve your dreams but the people surrounded by you believe in you …. I believe in you. I hope you will continue to touch the hearts of people like myself who explore your experiences through your blog. Many people believe that they key to success is education …. Yes I believe that but I also believe that the key to success is being yourself and sharing your gift with the world… Because that’s how opportunities will present itself…. Anyways I have a class right now so take care and be the best pre med you can be …… P.s someone told me that you were the valedictorian of your high school …. I would sure like that to happen in college for you and count me in sitting In the front seat of your graduation ….
    Love , your believer


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