Organization Diaries Part 2: Keeping a Planner


I started keeping a planner back in elementary school, and since then it has stuck with me as a way to stay organized on both the busiest and the slowest days. I attribute much of my success to my planners, which have allowed me to stay on top of events, tests, meetings, and the endless flow of homework assignments.

Since I am starting college this school year, I decided to fish around the internet and look for something that I could personalize and make my own. I hit gold when I found, a website filled with all the planners and stationary you could ever want. After browsing through the Schedulers tab, I finally settled on ordering the Orange Seize the Day Daily Planner since it allowed me to keep both a monthly view and a daily view so that I could easily keep track of both long and short term activities.


I have transformed the opening page into a colorful dashboard to display my class schedule, as well as a really pretty monogram I made. With a mini envelope and some wash tape I made a small pocket that is placed over the original clear plastic pocket, which will be great for small papers when I finally start school!


The monthly pages are basically gridded blank calendars that you fill in with the all the dates and months. This is a little tedious to fill in, but I have found it to be pretty theraputic and it also allows you to start and restart planning without stress over wasting months, etc.


Having the liberty to decorate each page has been a really fun experience so far as I have started to love washi tape and sort of have a collection now…woops! Since I have yet to start school, I have not yet used the daily pages, but as soon as I have I will be sure to update you guys and maybe either do a few decorating tutorials or review the planner as whole!

Do you use a planner?


4 thoughts on “Organization Diaries Part 2: Keeping a Planner

      • My obsession with KS is one that cannot be broken. So unfortunately as soon as I spotted that polka dotted planner I knew it was coming home with me. I really think it’s cool that you put the stickers and pictures inside of yours.

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