Dorm Decor


Today was such a beautiful day, so I decided to have a fun little photo shoot and share with you guys some pieces I bought for my dorm that I am so excited about! I have gathered together very cute bohemian/world travel themed pieces that I think will go great with my sort of mismatch covers, sheets, and pillows. In the first photo is a moroccan candle lantern that I purchased from World Market in a gold finish. I am so in love with this! And the back drop to this photo(and the others) is a large tapestry that I bought from Jaipur Handloom, an adorable Etsy shop that ships you tapestries straight from India. I would really check this place out if you want something authentic and breathtakingly gorgeous.


Another piece that I have been ecstatic about are these super luxe bookends from West Elm that were a bit on the pricy side, but a great investment especially if you use your Student ID for the discount. I can’t wait to use these with textbooks or cute magazines on my shelves.


I won’t have much space in my room so I purchased some boxes and cups that will function as change cups and makeup brush storage. I purchased my favorite ones above from Ikea, World Market, and Michael’s. The box is a DIY project that I had a blast doing. It was originally a Paris themed decorative box from Michael’s, but I decided to Modge Podge on handmade wrapping paper so that it matched my theme better!


And the final pieces I wanted to share is this decorative cardboard initial from World Market and a handmade jewelry bowl I found at a turkish store in Carmel, California. I hope you guys liked this post, I really enjoyed putting it together. I can’t wait to show you guys my room once I move in! Hopefully, once I get settled my posts will be put up more regularly as I will have more to talk about. As far as the future of this blog, I would like to get some videos on here soon so we can so some fun DIYs!

How would you design your dorm?


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