How To: Get Ready For The School Year

My summer is quickly coming to an end with only a few weeks left before I have to begin prepping myself for another demanding year at UC Davis! Here are some of my tips for how to mentally get ready for the new school year!


If your class information is already available and you know for sure that you are taking the class, I recommend shopping around for your textbook! Now is a perfect time to compare prices with online marketplaces and your campus bookstore to find the best deal. I already know that Organic Chemistry will be a huge challenge this quarter, so I decided to order my copy early from Amazon so I could have a chance to read up on the first few chapters before classes begin!


Another tip is to begin goal planning. Goal Planning is essential for staying on track and focused throughout the year. I like to sit down before school starts and plan out my long term goals (my life and career aims) as well as my short term goals. I see short term goals as pathways to my long term goals, so when I make these lists I like to make very realistic plans for the school year like joining a specific club or looking into a new program. I really recommend trying out goal planning, it helps make your goals seem more real since you can finally see it on paper!

Hope these help! Stay tuned for more back to school themed posts in the coming weeks đŸ™‚

-The Sarcastic Pre-Med


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