Summer Series: Winding Down In Style

Summer is quickly coming to an end so I wanted to share how I am winding down the summer! I am not returning to college until September 24 but many of my friends are leaving in the next few weeks, so I wanted to hold a little get together before we all split up again! Without further ado here are some of my tips for a simple summer ice cream social!


The weather is pretty nice where I live at this time of year so I had the social in my backyard. I put up some cute lighting since I asked my friends to come at night when it cooled down more. I love string lighting, It adds great ambiance and makes everything feel just a bit more special.


I was inspired to have an ice cream social after reading this recipe for edible ice cream sprinkle bowls. They are so adorable and I knew I just had to try them! It was fairly easy to make, I subbed the almond bark for plain white chocolate since I had no idea where to even find almond bark. My only tip if you decide to make these is that you do so well in advance of your event. It takes forever for the chocolate to harden so put it in the fridge to speed up the process! (I also placed them in the freezer 10 minutes before serving to set the final shape 🙂 )


To compliment these adorable little bowls I set out an array of toppings so that my friends could choose whatever they wanted when making their ice cream sundae. I kept it simple with ice cream flavors and had the classic chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. For toppings I arranged caramel, chocolate sauce, oreos, coconut shavings, waffle crisps, whip cream, and cherries in the center of the table!


Overall, it was a great success and I am so glad I got to see all of them before the group started thinning out (this pic was taken before the other half came lol I promise I have real friends). It’s really easy to spend a bunch of money to go out and do something, but truthfully, it is much more special when you put in the time and effort to make something for the people you care about!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you can plan your own summer get together and let me know how things go 🙂

-The Sarcastic Pre-Med


Organization Diaries Part 2: Keeping a Planner


I started keeping a planner back in elementary school, and since then it has stuck with me as a way to stay organized on both the busiest and the slowest days. I attribute much of my success to my planners, which have allowed me to stay on top of events, tests, meetings, and the endless flow of homework assignments.

Since I am starting college this school year, I decided to fish around the internet and look for something that I could personalize and make my own. I hit gold when I found, a website filled with all the planners and stationary you could ever want. After browsing through the Schedulers tab, I finally settled on ordering the Orange Seize the Day Daily Planner since it allowed me to keep both a monthly view and a daily view so that I could easily keep track of both long and short term activities.


I have transformed the opening page into a colorful dashboard to display my class schedule, as well as a really pretty monogram I made. With a mini envelope and some wash tape I made a small pocket that is placed over the original clear plastic pocket, which will be great for small papers when I finally start school!


The monthly pages are basically gridded blank calendars that you fill in with the all the dates and months. This is a little tedious to fill in, but I have found it to be pretty theraputic and it also allows you to start and restart planning without stress over wasting months, etc.


Having the liberty to decorate each page has been a really fun experience so far as I have started to love washi tape and sort of have a collection now…woops! Since I have yet to start school, I have not yet used the daily pages, but as soon as I have I will be sure to update you guys and maybe either do a few decorating tutorials or review the planner as whole!

Do you use a planner?

Organization Diaries Part 1: A Cohesive Workspace


Let’s face it, we all deal with procrastination no matter how many new school year resolutions we make, or steps we take to prevent it from happening. I have found that one way to boost productivity is to create a cohesive workspace that makes you want to stay and work!

Your desk/office is a space that should make you feel happy and relaxed. It should be free from distractions and have comfortable lighting so that you can clearly see your work without having to stress out your eyes.  I know that from experience, small spaces like mine can become cluttered rather quickly, so it is important to keep your space clean so that you can focus and feel less cramped. I recommend purchasing decorative containers from places like Target and Ikea to brighten up your space and declutter.

Having a great workspace shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune. I personally like to get ideas from places like Pintrest and Pottery Barn and then try to recreate a look that better fits my personality and is functional. It’s really amazing what a few simple pieces can do to your workplace, and before you know it you’ll be productive in no time!


  • Paint your room a soft color! Mine is a modern shade of powder blue that makes me feel relaxed whenever I walk in.
  • Utilize buckets, bins, and mini shopping bogs to dress up a space.
  • Search for small decorative pieces from places like Target, Marshalls, Ikea, Anthropologie, and West Elm. Beware of over cluttering the space!
  • Put up photos or a calendar to dress up a bare wall.
  • Always keep a small notepad nearby to jot down quick messages or make a handy to-do list.

How do you create a cohesive space?