Summer Series: Project Life


While my first year went by faster than I wanted, I was lucky enough to take hundreds of pictures to help me remember all the little things. Originally, I planned to make a simple scrapbook, but when I went to Michaels I discovered Project Life! What makes it different from traditional scrapbooking is that rather than having to fill up and plan an entire page filled with paper, pictures, and embellishments, Project Life lets you select a cute binder filled with clear plastic pockets that perfectly fit a standard 4 by 6 picture. Along with the pockets you also purchase a card set that fits in the pockets and adds a personal touch to your book where you can add quotes and journal entries.

I liked the freedom of the Project Life system because you can add however many pages you want and the variety of plastic pocket designs can make for some really stunning designs. Long story short, after many trips to Michaels I finally decided to commit and bought all of my supplies! Check out Project Life here and also look it up on Pinterest for TONS of cute ideas.


I got all of my photos printed out with the app Print Studio! It takes the photos straight out of your phone’s album and allows you to select the print size and quantity. I ordered 2 x 2 and 2 x 3 prints that come on high quality paper with a classy white border. Shipping was fast and the company really cares for their customers! Check out Social Print Studio!


I used tape strips to attach everything. The background paper is either scrapbook paper or the Project Life pre cut cards. My plan for this book is to use lots of bright colors and gold ! So far, I have been really enjoying the process and my plan is to hopefully make one of these every summer to commemorate each year of college! Below is one completed spread and I am so excited with how it turned out.


Would you guys like to see more Project Life? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for more Summer Series posts!

-The Sarcastic Pre-Med


Dorm Decor


Today was such a beautiful day, so I decided to have a fun little photo shoot and share with you guys some pieces I bought for my dorm that I am so excited about! I have gathered together very cute bohemian/world travel themed pieces that I think will go great with my sort of mismatch covers, sheets, and pillows. In the first photo is a moroccan candle lantern that I purchased from World Market in a gold finish. I am so in love with this! And the back drop to this photo(and the others) is a large tapestry that I bought from Jaipur Handloom, an adorable Etsy shop that ships you tapestries straight from India. I would really check this place out if you want something authentic and breathtakingly gorgeous.


Another piece that I have been ecstatic about are these super luxe bookends from West Elm that were a bit on the pricy side, but a great investment especially if you use your Student ID for the discount. I can’t wait to use these with textbooks or cute magazines on my shelves.


I won’t have much space in my room so I purchased some boxes and cups that will function as change cups and makeup brush storage. I purchased my favorite ones above from Ikea, World Market, and Michael’s. The box is a DIY project that I had a blast doing. It was originally a Paris themed decorative box from Michael’s, but I decided to Modge Podge on handmade wrapping paper so that it matched my theme better!


And the final pieces I wanted to share is this decorative cardboard initial from World Market and a handmade jewelry bowl I found at a turkish store in Carmel, California. I hope you guys liked this post, I really enjoyed putting it together. I can’t wait to show you guys my room once I move in! Hopefully, once I get settled my posts will be put up more regularly as I will have more to talk about. As far as the future of this blog, I would like to get some videos on here soon so we can so some fun DIYs!

How would you design your dorm?

Organization Diaries Part 1: A Cohesive Workspace


Let’s face it, we all deal with procrastination no matter how many new school year resolutions we make, or steps we take to prevent it from happening. I have found that one way to boost productivity is to create a cohesive workspace that makes you want to stay and work!

Your desk/office is a space that should make you feel happy and relaxed. It should be free from distractions and have comfortable lighting so that you can clearly see your work without having to stress out your eyes.  I know that from experience, small spaces like mine can become cluttered rather quickly, so it is important to keep your space clean so that you can focus and feel less cramped. I recommend purchasing decorative containers from places like Target and Ikea to brighten up your space and declutter.

Having a great workspace shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune. I personally like to get ideas from places like Pintrest and Pottery Barn and then try to recreate a look that better fits my personality and is functional. It’s really amazing what a few simple pieces can do to your workplace, and before you know it you’ll be productive in no time!


  • Paint your room a soft color! Mine is a modern shade of powder blue that makes me feel relaxed whenever I walk in.
  • Utilize buckets, bins, and mini shopping bogs to dress up a space.
  • Search for small decorative pieces from places like Target, Marshalls, Ikea, Anthropologie, and West Elm. Beware of over cluttering the space!
  • Put up photos or a calendar to dress up a bare wall.
  • Always keep a small notepad nearby to jot down quick messages or make a handy to-do list.

How do you create a cohesive space?