Summer Series: L.A Eats

Sadly I did not stick to my posting schedule this week, but I do have a valid reason! I was lucky enough to go and spend some time in the Los Angeles area with my family before my brother headed back to school.

I stayed in a cute boutique hotel in West Hollywood during my trip. If you go to L.A I really recommend you stay in a safe and convenient area so that you don’t have to drive too far to get to the action. Traffic is crazy there and it can make a 15 minute trip into an hour long ordeal. Being someone who is obsessed with desserts (and food in general) I just had to try out a few spots that I’ve been seeing all over social media.  Without further ado here are my reviews of a few foodie hotspots in the L.A. area.



This place is a rather small shop on Beverly Blvd famous for French Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches. I was so very excited for this as it combines two of my favorite things. I arrived there at about 10:30 on a Friday night and waited in line outside for ONE HOUR! Needless to say, my whole family was pretty annoyed with my by the time we got back from the hotel. When I finally made it inside I tried the Strawberry flavored Macaroon Sandwich and it was good. Mind-blowing? Sadly no. Luckily, mine was much better than my Dad’s, he had a Banana Dulce de Leche flavored Macaroon sandwich and it was made really poorly. I would go back to this place but I think I will just stick to an old fashioned scoop of vanilla next time.

2) Churro Borough


The Churro Borough on N. Vermont Ave is another hole in the wall space offering churro ice cream sandwiches! I went to their shop on a Sunday night and was met with yet another giant line but this time I only waited half an hour and unlike MILK, it was worth every second.  The churro making up the “bread” of the sandwich is perfectly made and tastes heavely when paired with the Churro Borough’s ice cream choices. They offer so many unique flavors like , Blueberry Cheesecake Sorbet,  but I decided to go for classic vanilla custard. I wish they opened up something like this in Sacramento because it is legendary and I already miss it.

Got a bit exited and forgot to snap a better photo

Got a bit exited and forgot to snap a better photo

3) Saffron and Rose


This store definitely ties the Churro Borough for my favorite dessert experience of the trip. This shop is strictly ice cream and offers Persian style ice cream to the UCLA/Westwood population. I first came to this shop last April when I was considering UCLA’s admission offer. I liked the ice cream then, and I love it now. If you do go here, I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and trying flavors that you wouldn’t normally. This time I had White Rose, Saffron Pistachio, and Jasmine; simply amazing. Persian ice cream is a lot different from American style ice cream as it has a more unique, stretchy consistency and doesn’t break off easily when you take a spoonful. Even better, if you search the shop on Google you can find a really cute story about the history of the place on the Daily Bruin. Definitely don’t miss this place on your next trip to L.A!

4) Disneyland Treats 

This is kind of a bonus to my list. I went to Disneyland during my trip and obviously I had to try out some of the coveted Disneyland treats!

Holding a Beignet

Holding a Beignet

The first thing I tried were the Micky Mouse Beignets from the New Orleans District of Disneyland. It was crazy hot, but luckily we found a shady place to sit as we ate beignets and sipped on refreshing mint juleps. This was my first time trying a beignet and I loved it! It’s really fluffy and light and I would absolutely try this again, hopefully next time in New Orleans!

Not My Image

Not My Image

Later in the day, I was there for about 12 hours so I spaced my sugar out, I tried the mystical Dole Whip Float which is basically pineapple soft serve plopped into a cup of pineapple juice. Pinterest really pumped me up for this and I waited in line during the hottest part of it. I love pineapples and I really wanted to love this float, but I just couldn’t. All my dreams were crushed when I drank/ate this, there was just way to much pineapple flavor, so much so that you kind of feel like you are being punched by a pineapple. The only thing left to say on this mediocre float was that at least it cooled me down and now I can cross it off my list.

Not My Photo

Not My Image

Lastly, I finished my day off with vanilla ice cream shaped like Mickey Mouse dipped in chocolate. Classic and perfect. Really goes to show that gimmicky desserts are exciting and all, but sometimes you just can’t beat the originals!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, thanks for reading and leave a comment below!

-The Sarcastic Pre-Med